Discover the largely unknown secret that allows you to charge 10X more, work with better clients, and simplify your marketing so you can enjoy what you do each and every day...

Discover the largely unknown secret that allows you to charge 10X more, work with better clients, and simplify your marketing...

...So You Can Enjoy What You Do Each And Every Day

Challenge Starts On:

SEPTEMBER 6th - 10th 10am - 11am EST

Learn To Raise Your Prices And "Book & Close" Like 8 Figure Entrepreneur Dan Henry

Take The Challenge

Test Your Limits

Challenge your idea of what's possible and skip years of struggle.


5 Day Commitment

1 hour per day for 5 days. Accomplish a result each day.

Final Result

Triple or More Your Prices

Level up by making more perfect high ticket offers quickly in by the end of class.

This Class Is For

Coaches, & Consultants etc.

Beginner or advanced, this class will explode your business.

When These Clients Came To Us, They Never Thought They Could Sell High Ticket.

 Look At Them Now!

Transform The Way You Do Business

Learn To Create a High Ticket Offer, Raise Your Prices and "Book & Close" Your Way to AMAZING Clients & an AMAZING Life!

During this 5-day class, learn how Dan Henry scaled to 25M, over 1,000 High Ticket Coaching Clients, and helps his clients double, triple or even 10-15X their prices and still outsell the competition.

The fastest way to a 7-8 figure business is High Ticket, and the fastest way to scaling a High Ticket business is the "Raise Your Prices" Challenge! How fast? Just 5 days!


You will know WHY people buy high ticket and create a clear and refined marketing plan to bring your message to the market NOW.


You will learn how to justify a premium price for a new or existing offer and create one piece of “core content” that attract high ticket buyers.


Begin your 30 day organic marketing plan and start closing sales.


You’ll map out your own high ticket machine and create your first piece of objection destroying "follow up" content.


You'll learn how to overcome any sales objection and how to use “clarity questions” to make prospects close themselves.

Grab your ticket and join the challenge today

CASE STUDY: See How Nellie Went From Charging $25/hour to Charging 10K!

Learn to find the hidden High Ticket offer you didn't know you had, and learn a proven process Dan has used to close over 1,000 high ticket coaching sales. 

(and  how he has successfully taught this to others  in any industry including health, business, and personal development)

Day 1: Why People Buy High Ticket

On the first day, you will know why people buy high ticket and how to craft a “high ticket” marketing plan you can begin using NOW.
  • See the results of the “High Ticket Study” we did on what is working and what isn’t for over 200 coaches.
  • ​Million Dollar Math - How to decide how to price your offer to reach 1M as fast as possible.
  • The High Ticket Mindset - How to free yourself from the fear of charging high ticket and real world evidence on why it's better for your clients.
  • How to find people that are willing to pay a premium price as a first purchase.
  • Day 1 Result: How to create a clear and refined marketing plan to bring your message to the market (get this done on day one!)

Day 2: How To 10X The Value Of Your Offer

On the second day, you will learn how to justify a premium price for a new or existing offer, and why you may not need to change much!
  • Why you don’t need to add more “stuff” to your offer
  • How to price your offer and how to know what it’s really worth
  • How to raise your prices without ticking off your customers
  • Day 2 Result: You’ll create one piece of “core content” that attract high ticket buyers 

Day 3: How To Sell High Ticket Without Ads or a Following

On the third day, you will learn how to book calls and close sales even if you have no list, no following, and no ad account.
  • The 20K rule
  • How to get leverage “Screen Time” to refine your marketing and get free sales
  • How to build instant authority so you can demand a premium price.
  • The “No Funnel” funnel I used to sell a $100K offer
  •  My “30 days to 100K” blueprint.
  • ​Day 3 Result: Begin your 30 day organic marketing plan

Day 4: Our $25M High Ticket Evergreen Funnel

On the fourth day, you will learn how to create your own automated high ticket machine.
  • The 1% rule
  • A complete walkthrough of our $25M funnel and how to create your own high ticket machine.
  • How to create a followup sequence that continuously gets people “on the fence” to buy high ticket, 100% evergreen.
  • How to never run out of ideas for “content that closes”
  • ​Day 4 result: You’ll map out your own high ticket machine

Day 5: How To Overcome Sales Objections

On the fifth day, you will learn exactly how to handle any objection on a sales call.
  • The difference between selling and closing
  • How to make sales calls easy
  • Why ALL objections boil down to one thing and how to address it.
  • The “Close Road” Method
  • ​Day 5 Result: How to use “clarity questions” to make prospect close themselves.

Learn From a Legend


During this 5 day class, you'll learn how Dan went from a struggling pizza boy, to becoming one of the Titans in the coaching industry by selling High Ticket.

Dan has previously only shared this information in his super high end Mastermind. New and advanced entrepreneurs will learn how to grow and scale by finding high ticket clients you never knew existed!

5 Days- One Hour Per Day- "Take Action" Oriented

Get Results Each And Every Day

Spend 5 Days with Dan Henry and get the kick in the butt you need to make High Ticket Offers NOW. You won't leave this challenge just feeling good, you could leave it with CLOSED High Ticket Clients!

What Kind of Results are Dan's Clients Getting?

How Shaina Exploded Her Coaching Business After Doubling Her Prices

How Jason Made Back His $55k Investment In Two Weeks

How Marcus Sold $45k In One Month By Switching To High-ticket

How Mike Was Able To Find Focus And Build A Successful High Ticket Coaching Program

How Going High Ticket Changed Everything For Ken

Dwayne Has Best Day Ever After Breaking His Limiting Belief Around Charging More

General Admission

Here is what you get...

​ 5 Days Of High Ticket Training With Dan Henry - $2,997 Value
​ Access To The "Raise Your Prices" FB Group - $497 Value
 A Copy Of Digital Millionaire Secrets Audiobook - $37 Value
 ​The "High Ticket Collection". Dan's Best Free Videos On Selling High Ticket - Priceless

Total Value : $3,531

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this 5 day class for?

Entrepreneurs who feel like do they not charge what they are really worth. Coaches, Course Creators and DFY providers with products and services they would like to sell more of, for a higher price, and work with better clients.

Q: Who is this class not for?

People who are looking for an "easy way", a template, share funnel, or "secret formula". This is also NOT business opportunity seekers or people that want easy money. It's not a shiny object to let dust collect on, you MUST go through the challenge because ALL the recordings disappear on day 6. If you are not serious about your business, please don't waste your money or our time.

Q: How is this different than your courses or free content on offers?

I've never done this before, except for my high end Mastermind. This is all new content.

Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?

Each day we will have a session at 10AM. In the evening you are encouraged to complete the tasks within the window provided and ask questions in the Facebook Group each evening should you have any.

10X Your Profit While Cutting Your Time in Half. Start/Grow Your High Ticket Offer in Just 5 Days.

Challenge Starts On:

SEPTEMBER 6th - 10th 10am - 11am EST

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